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Sunday, July 22, 2012

James Holmes -- KTAR Discussion Tonight

ADD:  Listen for soundbites from this interview on the KTAR morning show Monday morning, the same day as Holmes' first court appearance. Expect to hear about comparisons between James Holmes of Aurora and Dale Hausner of Phoenix...

Jay Lawrence & Camille in the studio July 22, 2012

The shooting in Colorado brings me sad thoughts.  I know that a whole new group of families are experiencing that awful grief that no one prepares for. And the rest of us are wondering, yet again, how? why? what was in his mind? Knowing that I spend my time with the criminal mind, Jay Lawrence of KTAR has asked me to join his show tonight.  

That will be 8:00 pm Arizona time.  

You can stream it anywhere in the country.  

www.KTAR.com      92.3 FM in Arizona

Jay is working on getting some other folks involved in our discussion, folks who are currently working directly on the James Holmes story. Tune in or call in. Share your thoughts about this national tragedy, a conversation none of us wishes we had to have. 
92.3 News Talk

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  1. Attention please!
    (This is no joke!)
    Please do NOT hesitate to pray to God to take James Eagan Holmes' life, so people will not suffer anymore and also people should rest in peace and such. Please pass it along.