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Friday, May 11, 2012

TV Shoot This Week - Watch For Air Date

True Crime Author Camille Kimball shoots another TV show
We were already breaking down the set before I remembered to take pics! The crew had come in from out of state.

Except for Rusty, whom we've worked with before. Rusty keeps the sound pure and even, wrangling the whir of AC units, passing planes, and the occasional wail of a street performer's saxophone.  Thanks, Rusty!

Cinematographer Jacin we've happily worked with before, too.  At his last visit, Jacin became an enthusiastic fan of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe. But this time, I learned Jacin is a true foodie with a blog of his own. Visit Jacin's recipes and ruminations from the road here. Don't let the title of his blog fool you, he's an EXCELLENT cinematographer (and I happen to know was trained by the bestest, too, so he better be!).
Producer Melissa poses with Cinematographer/Foode Jacin
Keeping all the plates spinning, as is the crazy job of any TV producer, was Melissa. Melissa had gathered eight thousand pages of documents in pursuit of this story.  You think it takes time and concentration to read and absorb eight thousand pages of testimony, forensic reports, and the like? Try distilling them all down to an hour's worth of television?! My hat is certainly off to Melissa for tackling this massive story.

There are so many people who step in in big ways and small to shepherd along a TV show. I would like to thank them all right here though some will have to remain anonymous. You know who you are!

I don't know the air date yet, but I will announce it here when I do. Hope to see you on TV!

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  1. Camille, I am lucky enough to have met you and Patrick through the book, A sudden shot, so Please let this favorite fan win one of the others! I love your writing! Thanks, Patrice-trece46@comcast.net

  2. I just discovered this blog after watching Wicked Attraction today and wondering if this horrific story was true. I'm very interested in reading your books. It may seem macabre but I want to do voice overs for these types of stories. I've been listening to as many shows as possible to improve my skills. I like the way this story was told.