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Friday, November 26, 2010

Diary of a Showgirl --Tuck It In a Stocking Near You!

Christmas budget tight? The gift of reading is less than 10 bucks. Easily wrapped, easily shipped.

For fans of the show CBS 48 Hours Mystery, slip this red book in a stocking over the fireplace.

What She Always Wanted tells the story of convicted killer Marjorie Orbin, who was featured on CBS 48 Hours Mystery. The episode was called "Diary of a Showgirl." It's the one where the inmate, dressed in Arizona's famous black and white stripes, has a TV camera in her jail cell. Not only does this book fill in details they don't have time for on TV, but it tells what happened after that TV show aired and how the show itself affected her case! The fan on your list can catch the full episode here then turn to the book to get their questions answered.

Order one from the famous Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale...I'll come down and sign it your friend or loved one....then the Poisoned Pen will ship it to the person on your gift list!

Marjorie Orbin records her video diary from a cell in the Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Ariz.
ADD: Please visit this post for more updates on Marjorie Orbin


  1. I hope that Barnes and Noble on 24 St. and Camelback will have a copy when I go there to do my Christmas shopping! That is where I purchased some copies of "Sudden Shot" last year. Scottsdale is too far away for me. My sisters are used to me giving them books about True Crime. I have given them many an Ann Rule True Crime book. Now I will be happy to give them a Camille Kimball one. Oh, I saw on Facebook a comment you made about having memories of Salt Lake. Is that true? I spent 7 years living in Salt Lake going to West Hi, and then to the University of Utah for over 3 years, and two years while married. I am originally from Boulder, Utah. We may have more in common than an interest in True Crime!

  2. Gerry, I certainly hope the bookstore at 24th and Camelback has it when you go! But they may be sold out. Good idea to call first, especially if you are going on the bus. Make sure they order it for you first if they are out. I think it's a Borders at that location? Here's the number. 602-957-6660

    And, heck, I'm honored even to be mentioned in the same breath as Ann Rule! Thanks!