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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Private Files Exposed--with a Special Guest!

Sold out at Borders Glendale on Saturday. Not bad, not bad!

Now there's a new Private Files Exposed event on Wednesday, September 8. This one is at Borders in Scottsdale on the Waterfront. 7 pm

Photos and stories from behind the scenes....and a very special guest, Action Hero Saul Guerrero!

Did you watch the TV show Wicked Attraction? Then you saw Saul portrayed by an actor [photo below] as he rushed to the side of a bleeding and dying stranger. His quick heroics meant the difference between life and death. You've read Paul's impressions of what happened on that sidewalk....now hear Saul tell what it looked like to him on that terrible night!


Wicked Attraction's Photos - Season 3- Shoot to Thrill

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