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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The staples are titanium...and so is the guy!

Paul survived his skull re-attachment, to the intense relief of gathered family members. He is in a lot of pain but still found the strength to host KTVK's Mike Watkiss bedside. A camera wasn't far behind and soon Paul was telling everyone for himself how determined he is to survive and thrive. It played in the 5:00 newscast. I'll try to put up a link to the interview if I can figure it out.

Mike Watkiss called Paul Patrick "the toughest guy I know." I couldn't agree more! What Paul has gone through and keeps coming back for more is nothing short of amazing.

It's hard to get used to seeing him with the "round" head. I've seen the "divot" for so long, a full skull takes some getting used to! Imagine how it feels to Paul?! Oh, almost forgot to say, it takes 160 titanium staples to keep that patch of skull in place. Whew!

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